Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am having amazingly crazy emotions regarding my upcoming Mission Trip to New Jersey.  I Can not wait to be able to get out and serve our East Coast Friends and hopefully be able to put a smile on someone's face.  I am going one day before my team arrives so that I can attempt to do some random acts of kindness.  I have several gift cards that I would like to find a home for when I get out there.  I would love to find that special family that I could take to get a hot meal too....Oh my heart is so full with LOVE and COMPASSION and I can not wait to get out to the East Coast to share all of that!  So may people have donated to this great cause, and I have no idea how to let you know how much your thoughtfulness means to me and will mean to the special people I will come into contact with this upcoming week!

As always, please keep me and all of the people I come in contact with in your prayers and happy thoughts!  

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