Saturday, November 17, 2012

UPDATE:  I have arrived in the "New Jersey Area".....I meet my team tomorrow at a location that is about 1 hour from the hotel that I am staying in this evening (I figured it would be best to try to get a hotel a bit away from the Hurricane affected areas.)

Tomorrow, I will be getting up bright and early to head to Ocean City, NJ so that I can photograph some things and do some individual relational ministries before I meet up with my team to lay out our plan for the week.  

I am soo excited!  I need to get a good nights rest so that I can be the best I can be tomorrow, but I know sleep will be hard to come by this evening.

The drive went quicker than I actually anticipated....the only time I felt overwhelmed with the drive was when I had to go through like 5 toll booths in a 5 mile radius....really?  They just made a load off of me.

Until tomorrow.............Have a great night!

And as always, please keep me and all of the people I come in contact with in your prayers and/or happy thoughts!


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  1. I'm just catching up on your blog. The Silent Auction was a big success. I know your week of mission work will be an even bigger success! What a gift you are giving!! And I'm not talking about the donations to the toll booths. LOL! Keep up the good work, Monica!