Friday, December 28, 2012

New Jersey.....the tragedy continues!

It has been a crazy wild ride since I first started doing Mission work to New Jersey to help with Hurricane Sandy. I have said it on many occasions that my heart never left the East Coast after my vacation in October with Maddy.

Well as many of you know, I am back here again! I left December 26th at 5:15 a.m. and arrived at 4:30 p.m. due to a few flight issues again :)

The first day was a bit of a blurr....I met Shannon, my host "mom" (even though she is younger than me)...haha. Shannon started We are Team Jersey all on her own after Hurricane Sandy and has since recruited so many volunteers that she is becoming a nonprofit organization. She is an amazing woman with a huge heart. Check her page on facebook and you will see her passion for doing this!

The first day I arrived, New Jersey was getting hit hard with a massive rain storm :( Several of the properties we needed to get to were flooded ....some we accessed after low tide hit and the water receeded. Crazy stuff.....they can not seem to catch a break!

Today I went and spent the entire day in Wenonah, NJ - working on a home that had a fire....this was very heartbreaking. The family was very appreciative of everything we did. We had the help of 7 fire fighters from Georgia that came down for the week to volunteer their time and talents as well as 2 gals that drove from Pennsylvania and a few locals. What an amazing Crew we had. Oh, and I can not forget the family from Virginia - they and their children were a great help both today and yesterday.

I have no idea how Shannon from We are Team Jersey does it. Last night she informed me she and an emergency board meeting and asked if I could be her for the day! My friends, I like to get dirty, but facilitating it was definately something new for me :) It all went fantastic thanks to Joe....we made a GREAT TEAM. I will post pics and update again tomorrow....until then ....please keep us all in your happy thoughts and/or prayers.

Peace, Love and hugs! Monica

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